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John Beckman
"Internationally known Author!"


How do you write those novels? What's the secret? I get those questions a lot. It makes me think of Donald Westlake. He was a prolific writer. He got those questions all the time and he tired of trying to answer them honestly, because there is NO SECRET. So he started saying, "There's magazine comes out every month full of complete plots. I just pick one and write it." The questioner says, "How do I get a copy of that magazine?" Westlakes responds, "You can't get it. Only professional writers can subscribe."

I love it! And it's as good an answer as any. I've got a bookshelf full of the "Secrets" to be a successful author. All of them are worthless. If there was a secret and I knew it, I would sell it and make a million and never have to write anything again. Every book I write comes in a different way. Sometimes I write 2500 words in the morning and 2500 more that night. Sometimes I write scenes and then shuffle them around until I get them in some believable sequence. Sometimes I stare at a blank screen all day. A famous writer once said, "This morning I put in a period. This afternoon I took it out." I have even written some books from the end, and written it backwards until I get to the beginning. When I sit down at the word processor I never know what is going to end up on the page. Or, if anything is. One thing that I absolutely do is this - I write something EVERY day, seven days a week. whether I get any useful material out of that or not. I'm sorry. If there was a secret I would tell you. I do know that it is hard work. If you are not willing to work hard, take up another vocation.


The new novel is progressing. I've passed the 100k words of first draft written. Now, it is time to start the wrap up chapters of "The Man Next Door." The first draft will be finished by Thanksgiving, and the published book hopefully by Christmas season. This will be in eBook form only on Amazon. Nobody buys printed books anymore except in the few bookstores remaining. I'll keep you posted on my progress . Until next week, keep reading and --->Straight ahead!

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