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John Beckman
"Internationally known Author!"


During the last nine days (as of this morning) 4,259 "pages" of five of my novels have been read through the Amazon KDP program. That means some folks have read the whole novels for free. NO books have been bought during this period. Since the amount of money Amazon pays authors for "pages read" is minuscule, obviously this program cannot go on forever . After all, I'm sure you will agree that writers deserve some reward for their work. But, if folks can read for free, of course they are going to take advantage of this opportunity and they should. I know I would. However,the truth is that only Amazon realizes any profit from this program.

An author must keep his or her books in the KDP program for 90 days so this period will last through the summer and end on the 1st of August. So if you are an Unlimited or Prime member of Amazon, take advantage of this free read deal while it lasts. Load up on books while you can. Enjoy this benefit now because it will not be renewed. I am pleased that so many people are getting to read my work. I hope it convinces you to purchase some other novels of mine in the future.

Check out the new Kindle that displays your books and magazines in full color for less than a hundred bucks. Or, you can read ebooks on an Android or iPad or any electronic reading device with a free app for all your devices from Amazon. Also remember my guarantee: If you buy one of my novels and don't like it for any reason, send me your email address and I will give you any other book of mine, or refund your money. (This does NOT apply to books you have received for free.) If you are not happy with one of my books you have purchased, I want to make it up to you. I have great respect for those who read my novels. HAVE A GREAT SUMMER OF READING! Nothing satisfies the imagination like a good, entertaining book.

p.s. To my Jack & Amy fans in England, "Thank you, chums," in Germany "Danke, mein freunds," in Australia, "Thanks, mates!"

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