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John Beckman
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YES, THE FREE READING PROGRAM HAS ENDED FOR THE TIME BEING. And I don't know when, or if, it will resume. But I promised fans a BONUS for August and here is something just as good. FREE is nice, but buy one and get ONE FREE is just as good.

PLEASE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS FREE OFFER. IF YOU BUY ONE OF MY BOOKS OR STORIES - I will GIVE you a FREE download of any other book or story of mine and you make the choice. I sincerely want to give you a free book for your loyalty in reading my work.

Heres the deal: When you buy a book, Amazon sends you an email thanking you for your purchase. All you have to do is forward that email to john@johnbeckmanbooks.com and when you do, tell me what you'd like to read from the books listed on the bottom of this page. I can use your email address to send you a free download of any book you choose. You might buy a 99 cent book and request a $7.00 novel, if you like. That's fine with me. This is my way to show my appreciation to anyone who reads my books and stories. This is a limited time offer, so make your purchase, forward Amazon's "thank you" email to me along with your choice of what you'd like to read next and I will give you a FREE download. It's as simple as that.

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