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John Beckman
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Often, when people find out I am a writer, they ask me who my favorite authors are. It's an obvious question,but one that is hard to answer. Reading has been one of the greatest joys of my life. I could read before I entered grammar school, which was during the Great Depression. So the school library was a treasure chest for me. I've read EVERYTHING. When I was younger one of my buddies said that when we went to a restaurant, if I didn't have a book with me, I would read the ingredients on the Tabasco bottle!

I'll check my book shelf and see what authors are represented here in my office. I won't dig through the books of books in the attic and the basement. And, I'll list them next week on this site. There are many that I would like to re-read, but my vision has deteriorated to the point that I must use my Kindle Fire so I can enlarge the print. If you are an old timer like me, that is the way you should go. Don't give up reading, just change the way you do it. A Kindle is cheap and makes a great gift for grandma or grandpa.

I can safely say that everything I've learned has come from reading. And that is what is so sad about today's young people. They seem to be spending all their time "texting" each other. As this trend continues we are going to turn out a generation of illiterates. But the greatest shame is that they will have missed the pure enjoyment of expanding their young imaginations by not reading. That really will be a national tragedy. You an already see it in the bad grammar and misuse of words by today's so-called "journalists." Until next week, keep reading and --->Straight ahead!

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