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Do you go back and re-read books that you enjoyed in the past? I do. And when I do, it is like rediscovering an old friend. Lately I've been enjoying Joesph Wambaugh's books about the Los Angeles police department. Wambaugh, as you probably know, was a member of the LAPD for a long time. So his books ring true when it comes to police procedures and jargon. After his first couple of books became best-sellers he had to, reluctantly, leave the force because he became so famous. But his friends who were still working supplied him with plenty of material.

One of Wambaugh's books (one of the few non-fiction) is "The Onion Field." It was made into a movie produced and starring Jack Webb for those of you who are old enough to remember "Drag Net" on '50s TV. Onion Field is a chilling story of two LAPD cops who were kidnapped by two crazy criminals. I won't devulge anymore of the story in case you haven't read it. But it is one of those stories that sticks in your mind - and is hard to forget.

One reason Wambaugh's books resonate with me is because the thriller I am working on has detectives in it who "walk the walk and talk the talk" of real life cops. I am working every day on the new novel and have about 170 pages of first draft finished. (Which is about half of the story.) It is my intention to have it ready for the publisher by Christmas. It is entirely different from anything I have done before and I am proud of the writing so far, but you will be the judge of that! I hope I can maintain my pace. I'll keep you posted on my progress (or lack thereof!). Until next week, keep reading and --->Straight ahead!

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