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CLICK HERE to read the complete first chapter of "September Song." A new exciting novel to be published on Amazon by late May, 2015! Great summer reading!

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Coming in late May 2015 is a new and different novel by one of Amazon's most popular novelists. You know him as the author of those action/adventure "Tropical" novels. Now, Beckman has stretched the limits of his imagination to bring you a different and exciting emotional roller-coaster ride for your summer reading.

Running the gamut of emotions from bad to sad and back to glad, this new Beckman novel will keep you spell bound from start to finish. What is it that drives a man to destroy his comfortable life, and then face the obstacles to rebuild it into something honorable and respectable? That is the future faced by the hero of this tale of human frailty and hard-won search for redemption.

Brad Houston has it made. He lives in a mansion, drives one of the world’s most expensive cars, owns half of a multi-million dollar thriving business. Yet something is missing as he approaches midlife. But what he seeks to fill this void takes away everything he has. When all is lost, he discovers an old derelict boat. Somehow, if he can restore this relic, maybe that act will restore the honor, dignity and respect he has lost. On this journey to redefine himself he finds a new partner who reluctantly joins him in his search to find peace for his tortured soul and start a new life.

Check back often for the publication date of this latest book that is sure to stay in your mind for the rest of the summer - and perhaps for life! And look for it on Amazon.


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