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HELLO, Friends and fans of Jack & Amy. I sincerely hope you are doing well. Believe it or not, I care about my readers - you are as real to me as my books' characters. (You just don't talk to me as much as they do! Sometimes I wish they would just shut up and give me a rest!)

NEWS: Authors write because they have to, but there is a commercial and necessary side to this writing business. Let's face it, writers have to eat and pay bills like everyone. I'll admit this part of the game is distasteful to me, but it is called "life." It's also true that readers buy more books in summer than in winter. I don't know why, it's just a fact. Writers have to take advantage of that. SO, Beginning the 1st of MAY ALL OF MY BOOKS WILL GO UP IN PRICE BY $1.00 FOR THE SEASON. If you want to load up for summer reading, PLEASE do it now and save a buck!

HOWEVER, against my agent's advice, my FREE BOOK offer still stands until I'm forced to drop it. HERE it is: If you buy any one of my books or stories - SEND ME YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AND I WILL SEND YOU A FREE DOWNLOAD OF ANY OTHER OF MY eBOOKS and YOU CHOOSE the one you want from the display below. I promise your email address is SAFE with me, and you will not be spammed. This is simple, really. BUY a book now before the price goes UP, send me an email (use the contact button above) and tell me which book you want for FREE. I do hope you will take advantage of this limited offer - and have a great summer of reading!

p.s. "September Song" is my biggest, best, most expensive, and most romantic of all my books. Check it out for your FREE book. I'm just sayin...

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