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Just when life seems to have settled into peaceful times for Jack Stevens and Amy Larkin, they discover that very young girls have been disappearing from the islands for some time. One is slaughtered right before Jack’s eyes on the public wharf in the normally peaceful harbor. Since there are no other reliable witnesses, Jack finds that he has become the number one suspect for the murder.

So it becomes the objective of Jack, Amy, and their cohort Millie (Milford Holcomb-Ford) to search out the killers and clear Jack's name. In the process they have to fight a crooked tavern owner, a duplicitous CIA agent and “foreign interests” who are involved in selling women into the sex slave trade.

In a rollicking journey that takes them across the Caribbean, this may be the most dangerous and difficult mission the trio have ever faced. And to top off the suspense, at the end Amy has a surprise for Jack that he never dreamed possible. Don't miss this third in the series of exciting tropical Caribbean adventures. Be one of the first to get your copy today by clicking the "BUY" button above.



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