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John Beckman
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I had a lady tell me that she had just read one of my short stories (Cloudy McCoy) and how much she enjoyed it. It's strange about short stories. I've always loved them and they are great when you have limited time like a short read before bedtime. And "Cloudy" only cost her $0.99. But, honestly, short stories just don't sell. I'll tell you one thing - good short stories are much more difficult to write well than longer fiction.

I have about a dozen published on Amazon, but I've decided to combine them all along with a number that have never been published all in one volume. Maybe that will interest readers more. Lots of authors have done that. Lawrence Block, one of my all-time favorite writers has done that several times and if it it's good enough for Block it's certainly good enough for me. It'll be a chore, but I'm used to working.

That will be my next project. Then for the "Jack & Amy" fans I might consider another "Tropical" novel. It really is time to put them back to work.

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