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John Beckman
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The Amazon Sweepstakes is over and the winners have been notified. Denise, Tommie, Jamaica, Harold, and all the others. I hope YOU were a winner. You know, I NEVER win anything! Why is that? I'll tell you what - Take a look at the deal below. You can still get a FREE book. We want to keep you reading! There is no joy like a good story well told.

Even if you didn't win in the sweepstakes this offer is still good and will continue for a limited time. If you have read any of my "Tropical" series novels at any time in the past please do this: Send me an email (use the "contact" button above) and tell me the name of the book (or "books") you've read. That's all you have to do. I trust you to tell me what you've read - AND, IN RETURN, I WILL GIVE YOU A FREE DOWNLOAD OF "SEPTEMBER SONG," MY CONTEMPORARY NOVEL! A number of folks have already received their free copy - you can, too!

That is a $6.99 value and it's yours FREE. You might wonder, why I'm giving away books that's going to cost me a bundle? It's simple. I want people who haven't read my contemporary style to see that I am not just an action/adventure writer. I have several "non-tropical" novels that I am working on. So don't put it off, DO IT NOW! No strings attached. Nothing to buy. Email me the name of the "Tropical" book you've read, and I will use your email address to send you a FREE download of "September Song." Click the CONTACT button NOW and send that email - and get your free book!

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