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John Beckman
"Internationally known Author!"


BUSY PLANNING A BONUS FOR FANS! 8,970 (That's eight thousand, nine hundred, and seventy PAGES of my novels and stories have been read for FREE this month! That's a record. It shows that hundreds, if not thousands of folks are taking advantage of the free-reading programs on Amazon. And that's just my books! Some people have read all six major novels I've written and some are now getting into the short story fiction I have available.

Of course I'm pleased that so many people are reading my work. That inspires me to keep doing it. BTW, I must ask you a favor. When you read one of my books, PLEASE take a moment to leave a short review of it on Amazon. Yes, I know you are busy and you're into reading not reviewing - BUT just a short line to say you liked the book makes all the difference in the world to viewers who are "deciding" what they might read next. I always READ the reviews before I buy a book.

Again I would urge you to try some short stories. You can read these books free so why not try some short fiction? (Click on the book pictures below to read a preview of these stories.) Short fiction doesn't have to be dull and mine isn't. I'm as proud of my short stories as I am of anything I've written.

This free reading deal ends soon so take advantage of it while it lasts. Enjoy this benefit now; it will not be renewed. You can read these ebooks on a Kindle, Android, iPad or any electronic reading device with a free app for all your devices from Amazon. Some people even read on their phone! ENJOY THE SUMMER AND "ESCAPE" WITH A GOOD BOOK. Nothing satisfies the imagination like a good, entertaining book.

p.s. To Jack & Amy fans in England, "Thank you, chums," in Germany "Danke, mein freunds," in Australia, "Thanks, mates!" in France, "Mercu Beaucoup!"

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