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John Beckman
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I wrote my first short story in the 9th grade. I went to school during WW-II and we bought "war stamps" and if we got our booklet full of them at 25 cents each, we could exchange the booklet for a ...WAR BOND. So I spent most of my time in English class drawing pictures of airplanes (complete with "speed lines"). I stared out the window at the sky and was so proud of my only brother who was a fighter pilot in that war. (He was killed in a crash when he was only 20 years old.) I paid no attention to dangling participles, or diagramming sentences.

But the last exam in both high school and college English classes was to "write a short story." My classmates were terrified. For me? A piece of cake. I could crank out a 2,000 word short story in two days. Those stories of mine always drew an A+. That brought the "D" I was rocking along with, up to a C, sometimes even a B-. And I passed English and they let me out of school. Unfortunately (for my writing career) I also discovered GIRLS about the same time so writing was forgotten for a few years.

But I've always loved short stories, although they are the most difficult form of writing, if they are good. I'm thinking of taking all my published short stories (and adding a few new ones) and will put them all in one book. Right now they are scattered here and there. That is something to consider for the future.

As I mentioned last week, I'm working on a new novel. No, it is not another "Tropical" novel. It's entirely different. I'm plugging along with this, but the work is slow. It is a monumental job but I'm convinced it will be a "big" book and my best work yet. Remember me in your prayers. I need to finish this one before God calls on me to take that long dirt nap. Until next week, keep reading and --->Straight ahead!

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